AHI Book Club will promote the reading of African Literature. We encourage youth of African descent to join in for the reading and discussion of African Literature.

With the exception of  “Things Fall Apart” , many youth of today cannot give a title of a book written by an African author. Even when a title is mandated as part of the literature curriculum, it usually is not touched or is given a casual mention. That the teachers’ unfamiliarity with the culture is reason for this neglect is not far fetched, but not an excuse to leave them ignorant of African Literature. Our middle and high schoolers in the diaspora should be given ample opportunity to explore and be conversant with African literature.


“African Literature refers to the literature of and for the African peoples…. Rather than write or sing for beauty in itself, African writers, taking their cue from oral literature, use beauty to help communicate important truths and information to society”. www.indigenouspeople.net/AfricanLit/


“… African literature began since time immemorial, from our ancestors telling folk tales every night, while children sat around log fire to get the elephant share of the story till today where every potential idea is being properly documented.  It educates us on various aspect of our heritage and the state of affairs of our continent, pointing out categorically to the everyday issues. The imaginations and nostalgia birthed after reading these stories are simply priceless ….  As culture is integral to the existence of a particular group of people, so is African literature essential to the pride and dignity of Africans.”  www.afrikult.com/why-african-literature-have-your-say/


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